The Reign Life

A     Lifestyle      Movement


TheReign.Life is our curated lifestyle financial empowering lifestyle movement to instill financial education, homeownership and wealth building to low-to-income moderate individuals, families and minorities.  

This movement also performs outreach to women who are victims of financial abuse, financial instability and homelessness to help aid violence against women. We provide free counseling and guidance so they can hold the tools to become and remain financially independent, financially stable and possess homeownership. 

We conduct our efforts and counseling through workshops, gathering women empowerment bookclub, and one-on-one discussions.

Why is it a lifestyle?

Many people are sold on the idea that financial freedom and independence, homeownership and wealth can only happen to the rich or the dreamers. Well, it is a myth with a fixed mindset.

Money is only a perception of its usage. 

So, our approach is to educate the miseducated and uninformed to awareness that wealth and homeownership is obtainable to anyone with 2 things: a growth mindset and healthy behavior habits. We all can own a lifestyle that can thrive and be financially rewarding. 

What is theReign.Life?

Homeownership democracy, Financial and Credit Counseling, Wealth Building, and Financial Empowerment.One-on-One sessions, homeowner and financial group workshops, and homeownership purchasing and investing.

Disclaimer:  Due to the pandemic we are conducting educational and coaching interactions virtually.