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Our Purpose

as real estate and financial advocates we seek to empower communities through financial education and build wealth through homeownership.




Our vision 

On a Macro level: The nation will be educated when making financial decisions and less constraints to obtaining homeownership dream.

On a Micro level: Families will be financially stable. Millennials are equipped with financial literacy and investing in real estate. 

We are a Community outreach Brokerage 

August Reign are advocates in financial education and homeownership. We are a movement and an intervention. 

Our services are to intervene by aiding financial illiteracy, financial abuse and lack of homeownership among youths, minorities and single women. 

All our outreach workshops and educational sessions are free in effort to aid consumer financial issues.

We are dedicated to building generations towards wealth and stability. We are specialized to educate a population of individuals that are consistently underserved.

Baby Boomers

Home Equity, Downsizing, and Retirement Communities

Generation X

Real Estate Investments and Building Wealth 

Generation Y

Financial Education and Investment (Various Workshops)

Generation Z:

Financial Literacy Program



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Phone: 754-243-4101

Email: clientcare@augustreignrealty.com


Marigolds is the flower for the month of October.

Here at August Reign Realty, October is the "sister" month to our August celebration. 



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August Reign Real Estate, LLC fully practices the principles of the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Opportunity Act. 

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